Unified Training Platform changelog
Unified Training Platform changelog

Zoom video conferencing & custom meeting link Integration


New Feature


Great News!!! We have rolled out a new integration with Zoom. This feature enables users to schedule live classes via Zoom by providing their Zoom API Public Key and Zoom API Private Key in the extension area. With this integration, users can easily connect their Zoom accounts with the BrainCert Unified Training Platform. This integration also supports viewing your Zoom recording within BrainCert.

The Zoom integration marks an important step forward for BrainCert as it continues to expand its suite of powerful video conferencing tools.

Integration guide here.


Furthermore, our custom meeting link integration allows you to utilize any other third-party conferencing solution, such as Google Meet and Jitsi Meet. You can manage all of your sessions from the "Live Classes" view and incorporate them into your course lectures.


Interface Language for Site Admin plans


New Feature


We've implemented a new enhancement to the Site Admin Plans, allowing users to select their preferred interface language for guests and logged-in users. Every interface element will be presented in the chosen language, ensuring a clear and cohesive user experience. All Site Admin Plan users have access to this remarkable feature.

Peruse our KB Article to acquire a comprehensive understanding.

Interface lanuage.png

Vadoo TV Integration is live Now


New Feature


Great News! With Vadoo TV integration, BrainCert users can now access Vadoo TV's extensive library of content directly within the LMS platform. This means that educators and trainers can easily incorporate multimedia resources into their online courses, making them more engaging and interactive for learners.

Read our KB article to learn more

image (14).png

image (15).png

Introducing Global Currency Feature




Your preferred currency can now be set as a global feature to collect payments. In the Global settings left menu, E-Commerce settings have been enhanced to include this option. This means that creating courses, tests, live classes, and products no longer requires selecting a preferred currency.

You can set the preferred currency in the dropdown currency option based on the payment gateway selected. As an example, when you select PayPal, all currencies supported by PayPal payment gateway are listed under 'currency'.

Check this KB Article for more info.


Global Discounts Are Live Now


New Feature


Great news! "Global discount" feature is now live. With Global Discounts, you can now centrally manage all your course, test, and live class discounts and create discount coupons that can be used across any product within your LMS.

Select Global discount or Specific offer to create discount coupons for all your published courses, bundles, assessments, shippable products, and live classes. The unified shopping cart will intelligently apply the discounts to specific items or as a global discount based on the type of the coupon.

Read our KB article to learn more.


New login/register page templates and course bundle updates



  1. Now its possible to add the 'courses bundles' in the course catalog listing by clicking on the “List in Course Bundle Catalog” Checkbox.

LMS 1.png

  1. Theme-related settings have been moved to the "Look and Feel" menu under "Global Settings".
  • Theme
  • Login/Register Page


  1. We've moved the "Login page settings-Legacy" that were previously under "Global Settings" to Look and Feel submenu and renamed it as "Login/Register Page".

lms 4.png lms 3.png

  1. Additional templates are included with the Login/Register page templates. There is a new login/register page template called Modern education, and the existing one is called Legacy.

LMS 5.png

The templates can be easily customized: LMS 6.png

Read our KB Article to setup custom login & register pages..

Introducing the All-New Support Portal


New Feature


Our all-new support portal provides 24/7 support for all customers. You can create and track all your support tickets by creating a new user account in our ticketing system or by simply emailing your questions to support@braincert.com.


The online chat functionality in our website will be limited to pre-sales questions, and for technical support, we highly recommend submitting a support ticket here.

Site Builder With OpenVerse Search


New Feature


Great news! Site builder tool has been updated to include OpenVerse's search functionality, so you can locate royalty-free images for your landing page design.

image (4).png

image (3).png

'Account & Settings' left menu item renamed




We've renamed the 'Account & Settings' left menu as 'Global Settings' to help organize all new global features under one sophisticated category.


The Wait Is Almost Over, Introducing You New UTP




Say Hello!! We have got a new look, full of new features and customized solutions to meet all your needs. All good things must come to an end and be replaced with something way better. You may have noticed we have deprecated the e-Learning platform and everything is now merged into our UTP Unified Training Platform. From now on when you log in to https://www.braincert.com/ You will find yourself at https://app.braincert.com/. The primary way to create and manage has changed, rest all your existing LMS and VC domain will continue as normal.