Introducing autoplay feature for video and audio files in courses

This new features allows video and audio files to autoplay in course lectures. You can toggle on or off the auto play feature under the file name with a click of a button in the content library.

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Course Bundles Feature in LMS

We have rolled out "Course Bundles" feature for our LMS Platform whereas instructor can add multiple courses to the bundle. Course bundles gives learners the chance to study two or more online courses at the same time. Instructor can create a bundle and add any number of courses as per their requirement. Students are automatically enrolled to the course bundle by sending a course invite. Full access can be given to students before or without payment as per an Instructor's choice. Also if students are found to be prospective, an email can be sent requesting them to take up the course bundle and the email analytics of the same can be found in the dashboard. Whenever a student enrolls in a course or a new payment occurs, an email notification will be sent to an Instructor about the same if notification is enabled.


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Additional fonts support for uploaded documents in the content library

Great News! We've now added support for additional fonts to provide a wider coverage for uploaded documents with international fonts such as Chinese and other modern fonts. When you upload a document including all popular types of documents such as Adobe PDF files (.PDF), Microsoft Word documents (.DOC, .DOCX), Microsoft Excel worksheets (.XLS, .XLSX), Microsoft PowerPoint presentations (.PPT, .PPTX), plain and rich text files (.TXT, .RTF) and other supported formats, the document conversion engine will retain the original fonts in the document or closely match the available fonts from our comprehensive fonts library in the backend.

This includes all the documents uploaded in the content library as well as the documents uploaded during a live virtual classroom session.

Content library


Virtual Classroom


New private course invitation template

Instructors can now edit the invitation email template for private courses when enrolling students. The template for private course invitation is added as a new notification template under "Student E-mail Notifications" under 'Notifications' option in manage courses. This template can be customized to include additional instructions as needed.


Improved UI for live classes page in LMS

We've rolled out a new design for the live class details page with an improved user interface. It is now easier to view all the class details, access published recordings, and manage the class options.


iCal calendar issues for recurring classes

We have now fixed the iCal calendar issue for the daily, weekly, monthly, and custom days when sending class invitation. The calendar feature in email clients such as Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo will now correctly parse the iCal and show the recurring classes as per the class schedule.

New Cloud-hosted JW Player Embed Feature

We have recently rolled out a new "Embed" feature for embedding JW player cloud hosted videos in the 'Enterprise LMS' platform.

JW Player offers a full-service video hosting and management cloud platform lets publishers streamline workflows with speed, power, and efficiency. Instructors can now leverage this powerful feature to easily embed JW player cloud hosted videos in BrainCert content library.

Select the "JW player cloud-hosted video" from the drop-down and enter the Embed URL and Title. It's as simple as that.

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Introducing analytics for discount coupons

We have now rolled out a new feature to track promo codes with intuitive analytics. The instructor can now check the number of times a particular coupon is being used by students, expiry date of the coupon and other relevant data in the analytics section.


Review answers before submitting the test

We have now did a change to our adaptive/partial/standard testing where students will be able to review all their answers before submitting. In adaptive testing, our adaptive logic will show next question when test starts. When the student reach the final question adaptive logic will get complete and the student will have an option to review all answers and submit it.


Assign classes directly to the course or as a lecture item

We have now updated our LMS platform where instructors can create recurring classes and assign it to the course directly or as a lecture item. After assigning the class to the course an instructor can invite students and anyone enrolled in the course can join the class from the class detail page. Also, enrolled students can see all the upcoming classes from their student dashboard and they can join classes directly.