Introducing New Admin Dashboard

We've launched a brand new 'Admin Dashboard', and enhanced reports based on bigdata, making it even easier for you to quickly visualize the LMS data.


Super Admin will now have valuable insights about the Enterprise LMS platform usage right at their fingertips.

Starting now, LMS admins can make their organizations even more productive with the new Admin Insights Dashboard and first time user experience to gain:

  • Enhanced visibility. Quickly see all the global reports data, the top courses tests and key user activities.
  • Increased productivity. Understand how people work and collaborate in LMS, ensuring you maximize user efficiency and ROI.
  • Simplified processes. Easily onboard and train new admins, and manage your content and collaboration — with minimal IT effort.

Log into your admin console and start your new admin dashboard experience.

"List Users" view enhancements

In 'Account & Settings" -- "List users", new filters have been added to filter users by groups, user type and account status. There is now also a new column that lists all the 'Groups' the user is part of.


New Virtual Classroom Version - Performance Build (01/01/2019)

We've rolled our a new virtual classroom build across all global locations. This 'performance build' was created to fix the issues affecting our users and improve overall class delivery experience with our new backend updates and improvements.

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

  • [NEW] Show logo in video recordings
  • [FIX] Fix Chrome browser's "audioplay" policy issue which was corrupting the audio stream resulting in no video recordings
  • [FIX] Recording is not produced when browser tab is closed in the middle of a recording session by the instructor
  • [NEW] Avail BrainCert's new dynamic SFU/MCU engine (codename 'Fast Tiger') that is highly tuned to provide an immersive audio and video experience. All 15 of our global locations is now powered by this new technology.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Default video tool window size should fit the video without any dark areas on the left and right side of the recorded videos output file
  • [IMPROVEMENT] "Enhanced video recorder" feature that automatically recovers corrupted or partially recorded videos by checking the file integrity and compare the data points from the session and produce a video recording file
  • [FIX] Attendees were able to control video player even when when allow control toggle is turned off by the instructor
  • [FIX] Whiteboard toolbar is not shifted to the right side when using RTL interface language such as Arabic and Hebrew.
  • [FIX] Pencil Tool is changed on Select tool when document is uploaded
  • [FIX] WolframAlpha was not producing output on the whiteboard
  • [FIX] Settings windows are partly displayed out of the screen on Android devices
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Rework Net Speed Check
  • [IMPROVEMENT] New feature to resize media player window by dragging the right bottom of the window and resize it. This is useful when you want to have a bigger window to watch streaming videos using media player
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Increase the window size of the media player popup
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improve 'capacity planner' tool that comes into play when you schedule a live session. This tool helps to create a 'blueprint' for the session by analyzing various metrics such as compute resources available in a global datacenter, optimal network path required to achieve very low-latency, switch to dynamic SFU or MCU configuration (core technology), low bandwidth optimizations and congestion control.

Planned Accomplishment in next version (2-3 weeks from now)

  • Add expand button for media player pop-up to enlarge it in whiteboard area (similar to code editor)
  • Add ability for presenter to hide Whiteboard tabs from students by locking and unlocking specific boards
  • Improve document display for screens with high DPI so all uploaded documents look better on mobile devices

New test delivery features - Even distribution based on objectives and difficulty level

Great News! We've introduced two new options to manage your test delivery.

In 'Questions' page, click on "Test Delivery Settings".


You'll now see the new features that is designed to pull questions evenly from all objectives and/or based on questions difficulty level.


Randomize questions order during test → The question order will also be randomized ensuring that two students won't be shown the exact same questions.

Randomize answer choices during test → This feature ensures the answer choice order will be randomized ensuring that two students answering a particular question will see the answer selections in a different order.

Even distribution of questions from each objective → This feature pulls the questions evenly from all the test objectives ensuring that all objectives are given same priority.

Even distribution of questions based on difficulty level → This feature pulls the questions evenly based on the difficult level percentage configured. Make sure the the total percentage distribution equals to 100%.


E-mail template to customize password reset e-mail

You typically implement Email verification as a self-service Password Reset model. When a user requests password reset, the LMS system sends a verification code to an email address that the user authorized during enrollment. To verify identity, the user then submits the code on the Password Reset Verify page.

Now, you have the ability to customize this e-mail template. DO NOT turn this off.

In Account & Settings --> User Registration --> Go to 'Notifications' tab and click on 'User Notifications'. Click "Edit email template" for Send password reset verification code' feature and customize the text if needed.


Do not remove the variables highlighted in red below:


Click 'Save' button to apply changes.

New Media Player - Playback Rate Controls, and Casting

We've released a new media player with ability to manage playback rate controls and casting feature.

Playing, Fast and Slow

This feature was designed for learners who might want to speed up a lecture using our pre-set rates (which are 0.5x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, and 2x) or savor a great moment by slowing a video down.



Casting and Airplay

Casting enables a viewer to use Google Cast or Apple AirPlay technologies to stream video and audio content to a compatible TV or sound system. With this casting feature, a student can tap an icon in the control bar to stream a lecture content on a cast-compatible device. If no compatible device is detected by the player, no cast icon appears.


Virtual Classroom - Minor Patch (11/30/2018)

A minor patch for virtual classroom has been updated to fix the following issues and improve overall performance:

  • Fix insert image issue with Firefox browser
  • Chat message window shifting upwards bug with Firefox browser
  • Low volume output in a live virtual classroom session
  • Improve the adaptive bitrate algorithm to deliver the best possible audio & video performance in low bandwidth situations
  • Improve network congestion control feature to improve overall transmission performance and stability
  • Some of the old recurring classes were using old cached DNS hostnames of the VC server clusters in multiple locations. Recent updates has forced everyone to use new backend servers automatically which is transparent to end users. However, few users running very old recurring schedule were affected and this issue has been resolved by pointing to new DNS entries without any further changes
  • Improve recording bandwidth consumption and produce complete recorded video in low bandwidth situations

Managing multiple notifications sent out for open-ended questions such as 'essay questions' in testing platform

There was an issue reported by one of our esteemed customer that when the test instructor had setup test notification to inform students when their test is graded, it sends out an email to the student. The problem with this approach leads to students receiving multiple notifications for each question manually graded by the instructor.

To overcome this issue, we've rolled out a patch that sends our only one notification email once all the open-ended questions are graded. If the notification template is not turned on, it will show a warning popup when the final open-ended question is graded.


Student notification email template below:


There is also a new option called "Notify Student" in grading page to trigger the above notification template manually by the instructor.


Text size for catalog menu items

We've increased the text size to make it more readable for the catalog menu items for both guests view and logged in users.


New 'payment confirmation' notification template after buying a course, test, or a live class

We've added a new notification template that enable you to send 'thank you' email with payment details for the product purchased.

To activate the template, go to 'Account & Settings' -- 'E-Commerce', and change the slider to "Yes" position.


Edit the template and change the text if required. Once done, save the template and you are all set.


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