Enterprise LMS changelog
Enterprise LMS changelog

Introducing Zoho CRM Extension in BrainCert LMS


New Feature


We have introduced a Zoho CRM extension to the list of supported extensions in BrainCert. LMS users can now sync Zoho CRM profile fields to LMS list users by using this extension.


For complete documentation on using the extension to sync Zoho CRM profile fields to LMS list users, check out our knowledge base.

Introducing Product Feature in BrainCert LMS


New Feature



We are excited to announce the launch of Product Feature in BrainCert Enterprise LMS. In the latest update, we have introduced an option to sell physical products through BrainCert Enterprise LMS.

Like all other BrainCert platforms we have kept intuitiveness in design at the core of the new Product Feature ensuring that you get to build and manage your online store in just a few simple steps.

For more information on how to add & sell products visit Knowledge Base.

Product Listing Page


Product Page


BrainCert now integrates with over 3,000 platforms through Zapier


New Feature



We are delighted to announce the launch of the BrainCert app on Zapier. You can now do so much more with BrainCert by connecting it to the other apps you use like HubSpot, Zoho CRM, and Google Sheets (as well as 3,000+ other apps on Zapier) to automate the tedious tasks in your workflow.


The Zapier + BrainCert integration will help you automate your processes with whatever technology stack you use. Workflows that used to take hours will now only take minutes.

For complete documentation on connecting Zapier with your LMS domain, check out our knowledge base

Print Option Enabled in Document Viewer


New Feature



We have added an option to allow users to print documents directly from the document viewer.

  1. Enabling the print option


  1. Print icon in document viewer


Remove Chapter, Lecture & Numbering From Course Structure


New Feature



Users can now enable/disable the words Chapter & Lecture from the course structure and also choose to enable/disable numbering.

Chapter, lecture, and numbering enabled


Chapter, lecture, and numbering disabled


Redesigned LMS Dashboard & Navigation Bar


New Feature



We have redesigned the dashboard & navigation bar of the Enterprise LMS to improve the readability and to speed up the workflow. The existing dashboard on the enterprise LMS has been split to four

1. Super Admin Dashboard:

Under the Super Admin dashboard information on earnings, activity overview, activity stream, reports, top courses by enrollments & completions, top tests by enrollments & completion, Top 5 virtual classrooms & recordings, course completion information, recent logins, and top learners are compiled.



2. E-commerce:

We have created a new E-commerce dashboard under which information on revenue , orders, site traffic, and users are compiled. These information were previously available under "Revenues" in the admin dashboard.



3. Instructor Dashboard:

We have introduced an instructor dashboard with dedicated tabs containing information on the total number of courses, tests, Virtual Classrooms, assignments to grade, tests to grade, and course bundle.

A dedicate tab for E-commerce analysis containing information on course, tests & live classes is a latest addition to the Enterprise LMS dashboard.

Apart from this, we have also included dedicated tiles where instructors can get information on the assignments & tests to be graded, course insights, teaching progress, and top enrolments.



4. Learner Dashboard:

Under the new learner dashboard, learners can get information about the courses, tests, and live classes they have enrolled, their badges, points, reports, and information on certificates.




By default, only the Super Admin login will have access to view the four dashboards. In this update we have made it easier for the Super Admins to give access for users to view the dashboards without giving them any admin privileges.

For more information on giving dashboard access to users, refer this knowledge base article.

Introducing 'Gamification' feature to gamify your online learning


New Feature



Great News! We've introduced Gamification as a major update to our Enterprise LMS platform to keep the learners better motivated and to create a more engaging learning experience. Gamification has been added as an extension in the platform to give our users a free hand to activate/deactivate the feature when they choose to.

Core features include custom badges, points, leaderboards, reward system and more.

For more information on activating & setting up gamification, visit this KB article here.


Virtual Classroom Update (July 15, 2021)





We have rolled out a major update to our Virtual Classroom platform across all datacenter locations. The new update comes with major performance improvements, new features & minor bug fixes.

New Features

  1. [NEW Feature] Now attendees with whiteboard access can copy an image from anywhere and paste it in the whiteboard directly.
  2. [NEW Feature] Color of SEND button in chat can now be customized.


  1. [Improvement] Newly opened popup window now overlaps the previously opened popup window.
  2. [Improvement] Students in breakout rooms can now see lesson timer.
  3. [Improvement] Students without special rights can now insert images on whiteboard.
  4. [Improvement] Improved CPU Optimization.
  5. [Improvement] All 10 global datacenter locations have been greatly improved to improve mobile network connectivity in iOS and Android devices and leverage our improved congestion control technology to help overcome unpredictable mobile data network conditions such as packet loss and jitter


  1. [Fix] Screen sharing title now translates automatically while changing the language.
  2. [Fix] Fixed students seeing incorrect page when teacher switches document pages while students' VC tab loads.
  3. [Fix] Fixed Students not being able to send problem report after class finishes.
  4. [Fix] Fixed student timer not getting updated when teachers extend lesson time in breakout room.
  5. [Fix] Fixed students in breakout room not seeing end-of-class alert when teacher manually ends the class.
  6. [Fix] Fixed student-presenter losing the role when teachers enter the breakout room.
  7. [Fix] Fixed connectivity test for upload speed showing inadequate result.

Support for right-to-left (RTL) languages (Arabic and Hebrew)


New Feature



Enterprise LMS now provides complete support for RTL languages (Arabic and Hebrew) out-of-the-box without any additional configuration. BrainCert also provides excellent localization support for several languages including Arabic and Hebrew. The RTL option and interface language can be easily setup with a click of a button.


Now add up to 10 instructors to a course


New Feature



In earlier version, users could add one only instructor to an uploaded course. Now, you can assign up to 10 instructors to a course. Also, the course landing page has been completely redesigned to showcase all the instructors with their bio.


In the frontend, students can see the list of instructors assigned to a particular course. Instructor profiles can also be expanded to view information about the instructors.

List of instructors- Student view


Instructor profiles - Student view