Review answers before submitting the test

We have now did a change to our adaptive/partial/standard testing where students will be able to review all their answers before submitting. In adaptive testing, our adaptive logic will show next question when test starts. When the student reach the final question adaptive logic will get complete and the student will have an option to review all answers and submit it.


Assign classes directly to the course or as a lecture item

We have now updated our LMS platform where instructors can create recurring classes and assign it to the course directly or as a lecture item. After assigning the class to the course an instructor can invite students and anyone enrolled in the course can join the class from the class detail page. Also, enrolled students can see all the upcoming classes from their student dashboard and they can join classes directly.


Upload more than one image for certificates

We have enabled the option to upload more than one image on certificates. Instructors can select the certificate template from the list of designs and upload more than one image on certificates if necessary. Images can be resized as per the requirement. After uploading required images, an instructor can save the certificates and allow students to download after completing the course.


Email notification when active users reach maximum capacity

A new email notification feature is rolled out with our LMS platform where an admin will get notified through an email when LMS reaches its full capacity of active users. An admin can set the maximum active user capacity and if this capacity exceeds an email will be triggered to get him notified.

Email notification.png

Fixed font issue in the downloaded certificate template

We have now fixed the issue with the font style of the certificate template which is awarded by an instructor or an institution once the student completes the course. After creating a course an instructor can select a certificate design and select the required font style and save the same. Now the student can download the certificate in the same font style which the instructor saved while creating the course without any change in the font style and design.

course completion certificate.png

Dripping Course Content

We have now rolled out the option of dripping course content for more than 30, 60 and 90 days. The publisher can make use of drip content scheduler and choose the number of days upon which the published lecture will drip the selected number of days after a student enrolls. This option is available in course materials view when adding a lecture item.


Turn the learner count ON/OFF for courses and tests

Now our customers can turn ON/OFF the learner count for courses and tests. The default option to display the learner count is always ON but if a user wish not to show the learner count then he/she can turn it OFF while creating the course so that the learner count will not be displayed in course cards and also in course detail page.


Pop-up window for achievement

We have rolled out the pop-up window for achievement once the student completes 100% of all the course lectures. A learner has to complete all the course lectures of a particular course to get this pop-up to be displayed. If certification is allowed, then the pop-up will have a below display as shown in the screenshot.


Email template in LMS

We have changed our email template in LMS to make it look more appealing and responsive. We did a change to the background colour of the template and fixed the issue with our Logo to make it look appeal to users.


Email analytics in LMS

We have updated email analytics feature in LMS to show the statistics of emails that is been sent. If a user clicks the 'Email analytics' tab in LMS, an user can view the analytics of the emails sent along with the respective status of the emails including delivery rate, open rate and click rate.