Unified Training Platform changelog
Unified Training Platform changelog

New login/register page templates and course bundle updates



  1. Now its possible to add the 'courses bundles' in the course catalog listing by clicking on the “List in Course Bundle Catalog” Checkbox.

LMS 1.png

  1. Theme-related settings have been moved to the "Look and Feel" menu under "Global Settings".
  • Theme
  • Login/Register Page


  1. We've moved the "Login page settings-Legacy" that were previously under "Global Settings" to Look and Feel submenu and renamed it as "Login/Register Page".

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  1. Additional templates are included with the Login/Register page templates. There is a new login/register page template called Modern education, and the existing one is called Legacy.

LMS 5.png

The templates can be easily customized: LMS 6.png

Read our KB Article to setup custom login & register pages..