Unified Training Platform changelog
Unified Training Platform changelog

Question Analysis Feature is Live


New Feature


We have rolled out the Question Analysis feature on BrainCert LMS. It is a premium feature that can provide instructors a detailed report on the performance and assessment quality of the questions (Multiple choice questions & True or False) in an assignment along with recommendations on whether or not a question needs to be reviewed.


Analyzing the assessment quality of questions

The quality of test questions are determined based on

  1. Difficulty Index:

Difficulty Index (DI) is used to identify the difficulty level of questions. The purpose of finding the DI is to decide whether a question need to be modified or removed from an assessment.

DI is calculated as the ratio of the number of students who answered the questions correctly to the total number of students who attended the question.

DI Interpretation Chart


  1. Discrimination Index

Discrimination Index is used to identify whether the assessment questions are able to identify the low and high performers among the test takers.

Discrimination Index is calculated as the difference between the Difficulty index of Upper and lower group students and it can range from -1.0 to 1.0.

Discrimination Index Interpretation Chart


For more information on how to use the question analysis feature, refer this article.